About Me

 My name is Leah Kilborn, founder and owner of Little Compton Pilates LLC, in the beautiful sea-side town of Little Compton, Rhode Island. My studio is on a quiet country lane and is an ideal space to heal and do the work of Pilates. I began my journey in 1997 and opened my first studio in 2004. I was blessed to do my training with P.J. O’Claire, master trainer extraordinaire. My work as a Pilates teacher has evolved over the past 20 years. I continued to pursue extensive, cutting-edge healing modalities including myofascial release training, somatic release movement, and rehabilitation for special populations including pre and post knee and hip surgery patients. I speak more about slowing down and tuning into your body and listening to your breath, moving and not stressing or pushing your body beyond the ease, flow, balance and release – that is Pilates.   

I hope you and everyone else who sees this post will open yourselves to a new adventure and try a Pilates class wherever you are.